Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's been a while...

 Wow - I knew it had been a while since I had blogged last, but I didn't realize it was way back in May!  We've been really busy, but I figured that now that both kids are talking CONSTANTLY I'd attempt to get back into blogging...

We have FINALLY reached the stage where the kids get along (occasionally), though more often than not we're refereeing disagreement.  Initially, whenever Jessalyn would burst out into tears crying, "No Dominic!", we would immediately ask Dominic what he did to make her cry.  After further investigation, we came to the conclusion that our sweet little girl isn't as innocent as she wants us to believe.  She is an instigator!  Now don't get me wrong, Dominic still picks on her, but 60% of the time Jessalyn is the cause of the drama...

Their little personalities amaze me - they both love to sing and listen to music, read and play by themselves.  Both of the kids are pretty independent, but Jessalyn more so than Dominic. 

Jessalyn is such a vocal little person.  She walks into the room and says, "Hi Mom!" and goes about her business.  She loves food, her baby and binky, food, books, food...oh and did I mention food?  She will do just about anything if there's food involved, including climbing up on the table to see what food she can find, raiding the cabinets pulling out miscellaneous food items saying, "Food please?", and stealing it off other people's plates (after she has finished off her portion).  Just this morning she ate through a banana peel to get to the banana...she was hiding so I wouldn't catch her.  I have only found one thing she won't eat - macaroni and cheese, not that I blame her.  Since she has an older brother, she's really interested in boy things, but I'm forcing her into liking girly things!  Just wait until Christmas little girl... : )

Jessalyn's quote of the day: "No Dominic!  Be nice a me!" 

 Dominic is into anything super hero, pirates, soldiers/knights related and he has a HUGE imagination.  In the morning he'll be Batman, around lunch he is "soldier guy", and before bedtime he's a pirate with a peg leg.  He loves to make up songs and sing them at the top of his lungs, usually repeating the "chorus" over and over and over!  : )  Right now he's obsessed with the Magic School Bus and watches them over and over, soaking them up!  It's amazing how much he retains, even though it doesn't seem like he's paying attention and he likes to tell the rest of us how muscles get oxygen and bees make honey. 

Dominic's quote of the day:  "I was running and then I had to stop because my muscles gave out - they didn't have enough oxygen!"

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