Monday, March 14, 2011

It might be time to potty train if...

It might be time to potty train your 22 month old if...

...she says she has to go potty whenever someone else goes.
...she randomly sits on the potty, fully clothed.
...she puts her dolls on the potty in her doll house.
...she repeatedly tells you she has to go potty while driving in the car.
...she asks to sit on the potty before she gets in the bathtub.
...she tells you when she needs her diaper changed.
...she sits on the potty reading books for more than 5 minutes at a time.
...she asks to wear underwear.

Now if only I could get her to actually pee ON the potty and not in front of it or in her underwear (which doesn't seem to bother her).  It might be time to stop trying sporadically and get our potty training on!  Here's to hoping that potty training girls is really easier than potty training boys...

Friday, March 11, 2011


Spring Break 2011 consisted of a trip to South Bend to visit Nathan  at Holy Cross and a trek to Chicago to hit up Shedd's Aquarium.  It was a quick trip, but we had a blast!  From the moment we got in the car, Dominic talked non-stop - the ENTIRE 2 hour drive: "As soon as we see Nathan then we can go to the green hotel and then in the morning we can go to the 'quarium and see the sharks, whales and penguins...How old are you?  Do you love me and Jessalyn and Daddy?  How about EVERY OTHER person I can name at the moment?  What animals will we see at the 'quarium?"  Then "the echo" started in with her running commentary - "Are we there yet?  Where are we Momma?  What are we doing?  Where are we going?  Where's that truck going, Momma?"  

Dominic:  Look behind you chump!
Jessalyn:  Dom Aaron look behind me! 
(When I asked Dominic where he heard the word "chump" he said it was from the Jungle Book...?)

As soon as we got to Holy Cross, the talking continued, but now that kids had someone else's ear to talk off - Uncle Nathan's!  "Nathan, I have a stick!"  "Nathan we're going to the 'quarium tomorrow!"  "Nathan where are we?  What are we doing?"  After a long day (without naps) the kids finally fell asleep around 10pm and they were up by 7am the next morning, ready to start the day at the 'quarium...

Back in the car for the 2nd part of our trip, the kids talked the whole 2 hour drive from South Bend to Chicago - talking to each other, making the other laugh one minute and picking on each other and making the other cry the next.  And apparently the kids learned a new phrase -  "NEVER!"...

Me: Dom, can you smile for me? 
Dominic: Never!  I'll never smile for you!  HA HA HA HA!  


Me: Jessalyn, let's go find Daddy and Dominic.
Jessalyn:  Never, never, never!   I'm too busy, Momma!

So even though we had a great day at the 'quarium, I wasn't able to get many "good" pictures - the kids wouldn't sit still long enough (surprise surprise) and even when I managed to get them to sit, they wouldn't smile for me...I just hope the mental pictures I have of their sweet little faces, reactions and excitement will be sufficient to remember this trip, because I only have a few (non-blurry) pictures!