Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So Big!

Jessalyn learned the "So Big" game.  Every time you ask her how big she is, she throws her arms up and gets really excited - it's so cute!  Sometimes when she's sitting in her highchair I'll look over and she will have her arms in the air staring at me, waiting for me to ask her how big she is.

 Just this past week she started crawling back to Dominic's room.  The minute you set her down on the floor she heads that way  - she then proceeds to pull his toys out and wait for him to come in to play with her.  I love hearing them talking and laughing with each other.  When I go peek in on them he's  usually playing with something trying to make her laugh and she's just sitting there grinning at him.  This is what I have been looking forward too!  Don't get me wrong - we still have issues with Dominic picking on her at times, but I love when they play together!  Usually when Dominic is taking a nap she crawls over to his door and cries because she wants to go in there and if you try to move her, she goes right back.  I tell myself it's because she misses him...but it's probably just that she wants to play with his toys...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well, we have officially reached the "Why?" stage.  So far it's not too bad (granted it only started yesterday).  I have a feeling this phase will get old fast - I'll just have to remind myself that he's curious.

While we were playing at the park...
Dominic: Why is that duck swimming in the water over there?
Me: Because ducks like to swim
Dominic: Why?
Me: That's what ducks do. 
Dominic: Why?
Me: That's how God made them. 
Dominic: Oh.  Look he's coming over to me!  Why?  'Cuz he wants to eat me?
Me: No, the duck doesn't want to eat you, he just wants to say hi. 
Dominic: Why?  He can't talk, he quacks.  
Me:You're right, he's just coming to watch you. 
Me: Because he likes you.
Dominic: I like him too...I'll just sit here and look at him for a second, ok Mom? 

He sat there and watched the duck for a few minutes until they both lost interest and went their separate ways.  I could sit and watch him all day, as he soaks up the world around him.  It amazes me how much curiosity such a little person can have!  Even though I don't want him to grow up (maybe just outgrow some behaviors), I can't wait to see what he will grow up to be...whatever he does, I know he will be amazing! 

Monday, April 19, 2010

All Dressed Up

Since I didn't get any pictures of the kids dressed in their Easter outfits, I got them all dressed up and took them out in the backyard and snapped a couple of pictures...

Dominic did so well!  Usually the minute you get the camera out, he acts shy and won't cooperate, but today he was great - and I didn't even have to bribe him with anything!  Jessalyn on the other hand decided she was not going to look at me, she just wanted to push around her stroller.  I might be a little biased, but they are the 2 cutest kids ever!  I can't believe that in exactly one month from today Dominic will be three (and in 18 days Jessalyn will be 1)!