Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well, we have officially reached the "Why?" stage.  So far it's not too bad (granted it only started yesterday).  I have a feeling this phase will get old fast - I'll just have to remind myself that he's curious.

While we were playing at the park...
Dominic: Why is that duck swimming in the water over there?
Me: Because ducks like to swim
Dominic: Why?
Me: That's what ducks do. 
Dominic: Why?
Me: That's how God made them. 
Dominic: Oh.  Look he's coming over to me!  Why?  'Cuz he wants to eat me?
Me: No, the duck doesn't want to eat you, he just wants to say hi. 
Dominic: Why?  He can't talk, he quacks.  
Me:You're right, he's just coming to watch you. 
Me: Because he likes you.
Dominic: I like him too...I'll just sit here and look at him for a second, ok Mom? 

He sat there and watched the duck for a few minutes until they both lost interest and went their separate ways.  I could sit and watch him all day, as he soaks up the world around him.  It amazes me how much curiosity such a little person can have!  Even though I don't want him to grow up (maybe just outgrow some behaviors), I can't wait to see what he will grow up to be...whatever he does, I know he will be amazing! 

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