Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So Big!

Jessalyn learned the "So Big" game.  Every time you ask her how big she is, she throws her arms up and gets really excited - it's so cute!  Sometimes when she's sitting in her highchair I'll look over and she will have her arms in the air staring at me, waiting for me to ask her how big she is.

 Just this past week she started crawling back to Dominic's room.  The minute you set her down on the floor she heads that way  - she then proceeds to pull his toys out and wait for him to come in to play with her.  I love hearing them talking and laughing with each other.  When I go peek in on them he's  usually playing with something trying to make her laugh and she's just sitting there grinning at him.  This is what I have been looking forward too!  Don't get me wrong - we still have issues with Dominic picking on her at times, but I love when they play together!  Usually when Dominic is taking a nap she crawls over to his door and cries because she wants to go in there and if you try to move her, she goes right back.  I tell myself it's because she misses him...but it's probably just that she wants to play with his toys...

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