Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Birthday Girl...

My sweet, adorable, curious, cuddly baby girl is one!

To celebrate we got a little cake for her to eat at midnight.  We lit the candle and woke her up by singing Happy Birthday and (after "thawing" the cake) she dug right in!

Following a yummy lunch at Olive Garden (at her request), we took her to Coldstone for another birthday treat - Banana ice cream with graham crackers mixed in.  I know, it sounds gross, but she loved it and I have to admit, it was pretty tasty!

On Saturday we had a party and she was a good sport - smiling and being social, although she wouldn't walk for her guests.  Uncle Daniel made her a smash cake and she DEVOURED it!  

Even though she's busy exploring all of her new books and toys, she is still getting in some practice walking!  Yesterday she was walking all around - as long as she was walking towards me.  It won't be long now before she's running to keep up with Dominic (or running away from him...)!

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