Friday, March 12, 2010

Picasso's New Medium

Yesterday afternoon was rough. Dominic got to spend most of the morning and early afternoon with Emily and the boys, since Jessalyn and I had a funeral to attend. He was good for the most part and spent a lot of time outside and was ready for a nap (he even told me "I'm really tired Mommy, I want to take a nap"). He threw a fit as I laid him down and after screaming for a half an hour I expected him to crash. Wrong. He screamed that he pooped, so immediately I ran into his room (given the naptime incidents the past few weeks I wasn't taking any chances). I really thought that we had gotten through to him. Wrong again: on his wall, shelf and floor I found another masterpiece. Apparently screaming that he pooped was his way of informing me he was done and wanted to be cleaned up. At that point I was so frustrated, because I was sick of having to clean up his creations and had no idea of how to get him to stop. We've taken the toys out of his bed, spanked him, threatened to put him back into a crib and nothing works.

Add to that a whiny 10 month old who thought Mommy had to hold her all day and you get the idea the way the rest of my afternoon went. From not listening to throwing tantrums, they were relentless and I was exhausted. I kept thinking to myself: now I understand how animals can eat their young...

How is it that after the day we had yesterday, the kids could wake up this morning adorable and in such good moods? It's like they're different kids today. If only they would realize when they cooperate we can have more fun.

So in an effort to stop his naptime art work but not completely thwart his creativity, I decided to encourage Dominic to explore other mediums. I'm pleased to announce that "Picasso" has recently (today) taken up finger painting! Much to my surprise, he loved it (we tried it a few times before, but he HATED the paint on his fingers). SCORE! I'm attempting positive thinking - this will work!

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