Friday, March 19, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

For those of you that have the privilege of being friends with me on Facebook, you know that 99% of my status' are whatever funny thing Dominic has said that day.  Since we brought Jessalyn home from the hospital, I've been keeping a journal for him about the cute (but mostly naughty) things he says and does.  I was reading back through it this morning as I was jotting down his latest entry and again I was struck by how funny he is (of course he gets his sense of humor from me):

Today as I was cleaning the kitchen I heard Dominic moving things around in the kitchen..."Mommy look!" 
I turn around to see him standing on his stool, holding his arms out pointing to his cup of chocolate milk sitting on the table. Shouting excitedly he said, "Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen!  Introducing my CHOCOLATE MILK!"  He was so cute, I had to clap.  Taking a bow, he then said, "Thank you everybody!  Thank you very much!"  

Yesterday while we were walking around in Meijer: "Gosh dammit all!  UGH!  I don't know where the stuff is...UGH!" (no idea where he would have picked that up)

Or a few weeks ago at Old Navy in the packed dressing room: "These pants smell like fart!"

"Ah cooma ah ta means no worries for rest of your days!" (he's a big Lion King fan)

" 'Ello Mate!" (in a Australian-ish accent, which he learned from Uncle Nathan)

" 'Ello Govn'r!" (in a British-ish accent that's pretty similar to his Australian-ish accent - I guess it's from Pirates of Caribbean and he heard Aaron say it once)

"Oh thank you, sir!"

When asked why he bit Jessalyn, he replied: "Because she smells good..."

"You're my best Mommy friend!  Jessa-trice is my favorite sister friend and Daddy is my best friend!"

"Clark Kent is Superman, Peter Parker is Spider-man, Bruce Wayne is Batman...and I'm just Dominic sometimes..."

"I'm the best kid ever!"

Remember his "Is it cool?  Is it awesome?  Is it creepy?" phase?

After looking at his superhero books, he said, "Wait a minute...what the heck?  Is that Superman's underwear?  Where are Robin's pants?" 

When he's frustrated he says: "Fudge!  This damn thing is pissing me up!"

And my favorite : "Mommy, you're my favorite Mommy sometimes...I love you though!" 

I wonder what he'll come up with next...

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