Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nap time = Art time

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is starting a blog? I have to admit I've always wanted to have my own blog, but thought I would never have anything interesting to write about, well, nothing interesting to anyone else. The events of the past few days have changed my mind about that.

Life with two kids is fun and challenging, exciting and unpredictable - especially with an adventurous 2 1/2 year old and a curious 10 month old. Usually life is pretty routine here, but every once in a while something happens to throw everything off.

Take the events of this past weekend, for example: Rewind to Sunday - Dominic (our 2 1/2 year old) decided to create a masterpiece at Grandma and Grandpa's house while he was supposed to be napping, using the contents of his diaper (a month ago we had a similar issue - only then he made a "beautiful angel" on the shelf in his room). Fast forward to Monday - after already having a rough morning (I had deleted a couple hundred pictures from my camera, thinking they had been uploaded to the computer only to find out they hadn't) I decided it it would be an early nap day. Dominic had been in his room for about an hour and a half, quietly playing for a bit before falling asleep. All of the sudden I hear the familiar "MOMMY!" (his way of letting me know he's ready to get up). I felt confident that after the poop debacle from the day before we had made it clear that it was not ok for him take off his diaper and rub things on the walls, so I took my time before heading in to get him. I walk into his room only to discover he had found a container of Vaseline...and had smeared it all over his face, hair, legs, pants (which were on the floor along with his diaper), his blankets and bed, the side of his shelf, the wall and the floor in front of his bed. Initially I laughed and called Aaron in to see the mess, while Dominic felt the sudden need to explain himself "I put lotion on my butt!"

Once we were able to compose ourselves, we assessed the damage. Have you ever tried cleaning up Vaseline? It's not an easy task. The more you wipe, the more it spreads. We searched "Tips for cleaning up Vaseline" and found the best way was to use warm water and grease cutting dish soap (they failed to mention it is a wash, rinse, repeat process). After assembling our cleaning aids we got to work. Dominic was helping us clean until we noticed that he was having fun playing in the "bubble water", so we made him sit on his rug and watch us - every time we would look at him, he would put his head down, knowing we were not happy with him. When we had gotten up most of the mess, I threw Dom in the shower and scrubbed him down with dish soap. We weren't able to get it all out of his hair, but at least he'll have smooth skin!

You might be asking yourself why I would leave a container of Vaseline in a toddler's room. I myself keep asking the same question. In my defense, he's a little on the short side and I didn't think he could reach it, it was in the back of the top drawer - needless to say, anything that can be smeared on anything has been removed from his room completely. At least it was Vaseline and not a permanent marker ; )

All the while Jessalyn was sitting in her high chair in the living room munching on Cheerios, waiting for some attention. Poor kid - at 10 months old she's already figured out she's not always the center of attention, especially when you've got an older brother!

As usual on days like these, after the kids are in bed (ASLEEP) I look back at the day and realize it wasn't as big of a deal as it seemed at the time. The lyrics to Darius Rucker's song It Won't Be Like This For Long seem to fit best:

It won’t be like this for long
One day soon that little girl (boy) is gonna be
All grown up and gone
Yeah, this phase is gonna fly by
So, he's tryin’ to hold on
‘Cause it won’t be like this for long

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  1. Hey Vergie!
    Your blog is very cute! And your kids are so funny!