Friday, February 4, 2011

What we've been up to...

Here are just a few pictures to show you what we've been up to since my last post...

Christmas meant lot of time spent with family and enough toys to fill every inch of space that was previously "vacant" in our house...

Dominic learned how to spell and write his name! 

Dom: A 'o' with a line for a 'd', another 'o', and then a up down up down for the 'm'

We witnessed a miracle!  

Dom: Jessalyn and I are holding hands!  We love each other! 

We managed to survive "Snowmagedden/Snowpacolypse"...

We discovered that Jessalyn likes to cook and has an obsession with shoes and hats...


Yesterday we made yummy cookies that we had to throw out - Dominic likes to lick the frosting spoon and put it back in the bowl after each cookie, so I only let him frost a few, but they all got mixed together...and then we found out he had strep...

Stuff they've said...
Dominic:  I want hotdogs for dinner.
Me: No, let's have something else, something healthier.
Dominic: No, healthy food will kill me!  Anything other than hotdogs will kill me!

Jessalyn: It's snowing.  Yep, it's snowing. 

Before eating his dinner Dominic said this prayer: Thanks for the food God, even though it's not hotdogs. 

Jessalyn: How 'bout ice cream?
Me: No, not until after dinner.
Jessalyn: How 'bout dinner?
Me: What would you like?
Jessalyn: How 'bout ice cream? 


  1. My goodness, I've never seen/heard anything cuter!!! They are just TOO much! How do you handle the level of adorableness??!! =) What a beautiful family, Verg!!