Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jesus' Life (As Told By My Kids)

I'm terrible at blogging.  I go in spurts where I'm really into it and stick with it for a while, but then I fizzle out  (I've realized that's been my pattern with a lot of things recently).  I've been wanting to start blogging again, but being the perfectionist that I tend to be, I wanted to have something really good to write about.  The following happened yesterday morning, in the span of about 5 minutes...

Jesus' Life
Starring Dominic (as the Angel Gabriel, Joseph, and a Soldier) and Jessalyn (as Mary), with a special guest Fulton (as Baby Jesus, in Act 3) -

Act One:  The Annunciation
     Dominic (carrying a sword, wearing Jessalyn's fairy wings):  "I am the Angel Gabriel.  I have a message from God for Mary - you are going to be Jesus' mother!"
     Jessalyn (wearing a blanket draped over her head and of course her new favorite rain boots):  "Oh boy!  I like Jesus!"

Act Two: (Shortly after) Jesus' Birth
     Dominic (wearing a towel draped over his head, secured with a chip clip):  "I have to find the perfect gift for my wife's baby!  My wife Mary just had Baby Jesus and he needs a present!"
     Jessalyn (still wearing her blanket, now carrying a baby wadded up in a blanket): "Husband, where is my Baby Jesus' present?!"
     Dominic: "I'm looking, but the shepherds are supposed to bring something too!"

Act Three: The Foretelling of Jesus' Death
     Dominic (once again wielding a sword, this time accompanied by a shield): "I'm a soldier and I'm going to help kill your Son, Jesus.  I don't want to do it, but that's what the other soldier guy told me to do and I have to obey my orders."
     Jessalyn: "Don't kill my Son!  I will be sad and probly cry!"

The End

Hopefully I'll put aside my perfection issues (with more than just blogging) and post more often.  We'll see how that goes...


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